Cowboys vs. Giants: The Heaviest Favorites of the NFL Season

As the NFL season unfolds, matchups bring surprises, upsets, and statistical milestones. The Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a unique position this week as they face the New York Giants, emerging as the heaviest favorites of the 2023 season with a staggering 16.5-point spread. In a league known for its unpredictability, this significant margin sets the stage for an intriguing clash between the Cowboys and the Giants.

In a season marked by competitive matchups and unforeseen outcomes, the Cowboys' 16.5-point spread against the Giants stands out as the largest in 2023, surpassing the previous high by a noteworthy point and a half. This commanding position reflects the confidence the sports books have in the Cowboys, but what factors contribute to such a substantial margin?

Before the Cowboys' dominant position this week, the highest point spreads in the 2023 NFL season were 15 points. The Giants found themselves in one of these situations against the Bills, while the other 15-point underdog was the Carolina Panthers facing the Miami Dolphins. Both games resulted in victories for the favored teams, highlighting the challenge facing substantial underdogs in the league.

The quarterback situation for the Giants adds an extra layer of complexity to this already lopsided matchup. With both starter Daniel Jones and backup Tyrod Taylor sidelined due to injuries, undrafted rookie third-stringer Tommy DeVito steps into the spotlight. DeVito, making his first career start, faces the daunting task of challenging the formidable Cowboys' defense.

Considering the Cowboys' prior 40-0 victory over the Giants with a healthy Jones earlier in the season, skepticism surrounds DeVito's ability to lead the Giants to a competitive performance. The 16.5-point spread may, in fact, underestimate the challenges awaiting the inexperienced quarterback.

The last time the NFL witnessed a point spread of this magnitude was in Week 14 of the previous season, with the Cowboys once again in the role of heavy favorites. Favored by 17 points against the Houston Texans, the Cowboys narrowly escaped an upset, requiring a fourth-quarter comeback to secure a 27-23 victory. This history serves as a reminder that in the NFL, even the most substantial spreads do not guarantee an easy win.

As the Cowboys gear up to face the Giants with the heaviest point spread of the 2023 season, football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate how this matchup will unfold. While statistics and historical data may favor the Cowboys, the unpredictable nature of the NFL ensures that anything can happen on game day. Whether the Giants defy the odds or the Cowboys assert their dominance, this clash promises to be a compelling chapter in the ongoing narrative of the NFL season.


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