This Rolling Volkswagen Bus Cooler Is Pretty Darn Cool!

    Sure, you could go with the basic red or blue rectangular cooler to keep your drinks and snacks cold during the warmer months, but why not turn heads during your beach trips, backyard bbq's, etc. with this awesome Volkswagen Cooler Box that can be pulled around wherever you go. 

    This vintage-looking cooler from Board Masters is red and looks like an actual VW bus. It has four wheels and a foldable handle that extends, so you can pull it around with you at a barbecue, at the beach, or wherever you’re planning to bring some ice cold beverages. The 30-liter cooler is fully insulated and comes with a lid-lock, because hard seltzers are worth stealing, obviously. It’s made with anti-rust steel, so you can bring it outside without worrying.

    It’s certainly on the pricier side, but accessories really are everything when summer hits. If you can't wait to be a walking party, you can purchase the VW Cooler Bus right off amazon - with free shipping available!