Stadium-sized asteroid will swing 'close' by Earth on Saturday - But don’t freak out.

    Imagine a floating building speeding through space thousands of miles an hour whizzing by Earth.

    It's the kind of asteroid that some scientists worry about, and it's coming relatively close to Earth on Saturday. Thankfully, it is expected to remain a safe distance away. Phew!

    The asteroid, named Asteroid 2002 NN4, is between 820 and 1,870 feet in diameter — will be cruising past Earth this Saturday traveling at more than 20,000 mph, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which monitors events such as these.

    A NASA spokesperson said not to worry about the space rock. Thankfully, this particular space rock is predicted to stay more than 3 million miles away — or 13 times farther from us than the Moon. It will NOT hit Earth.