Could Luke Combs Be Releasing A Bluegrass Album (PLEASE DO IT)?

Luke Combs dropped a bit of a bombshell on Saturday during a Twitter exchange with author Seth Fishman and we can only guess that Luke Combs has something up his sleeve. 

“You’re 20, alone in your room/dorm, pining over someone. what music is playing?” Fishman tweeted to Combs. His reply, “.@DierksBentley “Up On The Ridge” album.”

Whiskey Riff then commented, “SOLID choice” to which Luke responded, “Stay Tuned.”

The exchange has us scratching our heads, could Combs be working on a bluegrass album? Maybe Combs and Dierks Bentley are working on new music? Or maybe Combs is working on a cover album where he’ll perform his favorite songs? 

As we wait for Combs to give more details, tell us what love song your 20-year-old self would be listening to while alone in your room/dorm?