Blake Shelton Wants a Former Voice Coach to Perform at His Wedding to Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton says he wants Maroon 5’s Adam Levine to play him and Gwen Stefani’s wedding.

In a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the country superstar said that although Levine may not like it, he is gonna have to pack up the band’s gear and head to their wedding to perform when the time comes.

“He may not like it, but Adam Levine’s gonna have to get the band together and come and play our wedding,” said Shelton.

After boasting about how long he’s been doing this, Shelton says that he’s “got a lot of favors out there” and he’s ready to have Levine fulfill this one for him.

The “God’s Country” singer went on to talk about Maroon 5’s “Sugar” music video, where the band crashed several fan weddings and he says “he owes me a lot for just putting up with him over the years. So I think we can get Adam to come be our wedding band.”

“Plus, their music is so boring that it won’t distract from the festivities and the reception and all that stuff,” Shelton joked.

Shelton and Stefani are in the midst of planning their wedding but Stefani says she “would rather it not be a COVID situation” and she would “rather not have masks and that kind of thing” at their wedding and she wants to be able to invite everyone they want to and not have to limit it. So they are trying to wait it out till the novel pandemic slows down or ends and “see what happens in the next few months….”